meet Gina

Wouldn't it be easier to sit down and a have a cup of coffee and get to know each other?  In fact, a hot cup of Dunkin' with cream ... mmmm ... I can smell it now.  After living in the New England area (I've lived in OH, VA, CO, MA, NH and now NY) ... you just become a fan of Dunkin' ... it is a NE thang :O)

I have 3 amazing men in my life ... my main man is Dan.  We've been married for 13 years with a hiccup in the middle ... that hiccup means we were divorced at one time and remarried each other ... I know, reread that last part ... it's true ... God did an amazing thing in our marriage.  I give Him all the honor and praise for what He's done in our family.

There are 2 little men in my life ... Davis (9) and Dawson(6) who think I'm one "wacked" mom but still love me in spite of my goofiness.  We read books together every night (we just finished reading My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George) and they still tell me that they want to marry me when they grown up :O) **sigh**

I was saved my God's amazing grace when I was  25 years old and my journey with HIM has been an amazing one - one I hope to share with you over time

Why did I start a blog?  I suppose it's my love for trash-to-treasure ... whether it's a piece of furniture that just needs a little TLC or a room that could use a fresh coat of paint ... it's seeing the potential in something else.  Isn't that what our heavenly Father does?  He sees the potential of something gloriously beautiful in us ... and He doesn't give up ... He continues transforming us ... until we are what we were created to be. 

Besides loving on the 3 men in my life ... I enjoy ...
anything to do with the countryside

1. the smells of country
2. picket fences
3. garden rows of veggies
4. mason jars
5. galvanized metal
6. calico prints
7. boys playing in the sprinkler out back
8. fireflies
9. a fresh pitcher of tart lemonade
10. a long drive to town
11. queen-anne's lace growing in the ditch
12. dirty little toes after playing outside
13. watching a storm roll in
14. eating a picnic lunch in the back yard
15. riding bikes down our country road
16. a blanketed lawn after a big winter snow
17. neighborhood cats keeping the mice away
18. the stillness
19. sheets drying on the clothes line
20. a creaky screen door on the back porch

So where did my love-of-everything-country come from?  I'd say it started in my childhood - my parents were born and raised Amish (Beachy Amish).  They were married in the Amish church but left the Amish church when my sister and I were very young.  I grew up, not only in the country, but on a farm ... a working farm.  My mother taught me how to clean, cook, sew and harvest and "put up" veggies from a garden.  We truly lived off the land.
I'm glad you are a part of this journey with me ... :O)

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mt 6:32-34

Seek Him my friend ...