Thursday, September 30, 2010

Better Use of S P A C E

 I've rec'd some emails asking questions about the vacant corner in our kitchen ...

the upper corner (left of the sink) had this cabinet ...

 ... it was such poor use of space ... I couldn't see what was in the cabinet ... 
(and if you're like me)


So we ripped it out when we saw this picture ...

Debra's Kitchen in NY

it completely opened my little world to a BETTER USE OF SPACE

(all those glass jars make my heart go pitter-patter)

living in a cozy cottage ... you HAVE to look at space different

it has to look pleasing to the eye BUT every nook and cranny 

Thus, the corner will become my baking nook

jars will hold dry goods like flour, sugar, cornmeal, and various grains ... fun!

the corner under the shelves-to-be will house the Kitchen-Aide Mixer

see the two drawers ... they are filled with measuring spoons, 
rolling pin, pastry cutter, ect.

the upper cabinets hold baking supplies like vanilla, baking powder, 
baking soda, cocoa, thickeners, tapioca and mixing bowls 

the cabinet below left houses vinegars, oils, and a big ol' tub of shortening 

the cabinet below right has this new feature ...

a trash can nooked away

Dan and I won this at Kitchen World's Grand Opening Night

I LOVE free

I love a bargain ... but "free" has to beat all.


Wanna see more inspiration of open-shelving in the kitchen?

I'll keep you posted on the baking nook ... for now sweet cornbread is being
baked weekly to go with that yummy fall favorite ... chili!

Note:  I hope to post more pics about Debra's Kitchen in NY ... it is amazing ... she taught
            me that you can have the kitchen you want ... just think outside the box ... and don't 
            do what everybody else is doing. 

Happy Fall my friend!


  1. Love your kitchen and can't wait to see it with the shelves. It will be adorable for sure. I'm jealous!

  2. It will be interesting to see the final product. I'm one of those people who don't like to see clutter so the pics of Debra's kitchen in NY didn't appeal to me. You don't seem like a cluttery type of person, though. I'm sure it will end up being a beautiful display!

  3. Your Cornbread makes me melt every time!! I love making it...I just need to buy more buisquick!! Anyway, I was just going to ask you about that corner this morning....good thing I saw this!! THe kitchen looks WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to blog about my house!!! I might be able to help stage our kitchen when the island is in and floor all done! Good Job!!!