Thursday, September 23, 2010

So What Do You Do When Life Runs So Fast You Can't Catch Up?

Well, my dear friends.  To say life got a little busy ... is a complete understatement.  Wow.  One minute we were on vacation at the lake house in NH ... the next minute we were into a back-to-school routine.  And once that moment comes ... you gotta hang on hard to your britches ... time flies!

Davis (our oldest son - will be 10 soon) was suppose to have surgery (his twelfth ... but who's counting?!) in August ... but due to circumstances that could not be controlled ... it was rescheduled for December.  He was relieved ... and it really did work out because he would have missed out on the several weeks of summer fun.  This way he can still play flag-football!  It is all about sports for him :O)

So I say all of that because I think to myself, "Gina, are you nuts for trying to do a blog about your cottage-thang when your life is so busy?"  And then I answer myself, "Yes, you are completely nuts ... you've got two small (medium) boys that have their own medical issues (nothing life threatening -- just a part of our life journey), and a wonderful husband who loves to eat home-cooked meals, plus I'm trying to work a part-time job at the school the boys attend, also serving in a couple of ministries at our church and attempting to do a kitchen re-do on top of it all."

Wow ... when I write it all out ... it does sound like a lot.  

I hesitate to show you pictures ... because I can only see the stuff that still needs to get done
 ...sigh ...
but I'm among friends ... right?

So after weeks of filth, dry-wall dust, sub-flooring, no-running water in the kitchen, and missing counter-tops ... we have something to show for our work ...

 Do you remember what it looked like before?

before ...

after ...

before ...

after ...

before ...


after ...

what you see below was the toughest part of the whole project ...
Dan says, "there should be a rule that says ... the operator of the sink should weigh less than the sink!"  

it is sooooooooo   H  E  A  V  Y  !


Mom, what do you think? 

Mom was with us during the grit the grime and the muck!  
Thanks mom for all the tomatoes you canned this summer in a kitchen that 
really didn't even exist ... we love you!


So ... my hope is that I can blog about all the fun things that happened along the journey ... the sink, the faucet, that new dishwasher ... and did you see the frig?!  CRAIGSLIST FIND!  Amazing ... can't wait to share all the "wow" moments.


What still needs to happen?  

Subway Tile Back Splash

Bar Stools

Hardwood Flooring

Pantry Re-do



So good to be with y'all again!

Happy Fall!


  1. Wow, Stunning! Thanks so much for sharing! It is absolutely beautiful! I love the ceiling! Are you crazy staying up that late? We do appreciate it though. Matt again asked if he could come over to your house and bring his tweasure chest. I told him he could maybe go over, but no chest. He just loves what your doing :)

  2. I thought it looked great before...but now it is WOW! Just stunning. I'm trying to hold my jealousy in check. We have just downsized and instead of redoing our kitchen like we'd planned (pre-Peru), we've decided it's fine. And it is fine. Maybe there will be a day (and maybe there won't).

    For now, I'm thanking God for the blessings I have. looks awesome. I can't wait to hear more about how it came together. Are the cabinets new or just spruced up? I'm sure you will tell us.

    I also can't believe Davis is almost 10!!! That must mean you are almost....(ha ha)

  3. Yes, the cabinets were spruced up :O) There was nothing wrong with the cabinets before the redo ... they just needed molding (for a finished look), some primer & paint to cover up 20 years of wear, and new hardware for an updated look. The cost of the cabinet redo was VERY little BUT tons of labor. I guess that's why it's called Sweat-Equity. :O)
    Again, this whole kitchen make-over is relying on God to deliver the goods with VERY little or NO $. I LOVE to see Him come through in bigger ways than I could have ever dreamed of or imagined.
    Whenever I face temptations of this earth I turn to Colossians 3:1-3 ... it gives me great comfort. Love you ... Gina